old and new autumn crafts

(i had written this post and taken the photos about 4 weeks ago, when we were still thick in autumn. but i couldn't find my cardreader, so the post remained a draft. just a few days ago i found the cardreader, tucked behind some sketchbooks in the shelf. so even though we are now actually in a whole different season, i thought i will still share what we did in fall!)

fall and crafting - two words that just belong to each other, don't they? without thinking much about it, we collect leaves and chestnuts and acorns. without much research this year, i made a fresh new glow jar with colorful leaves, and i stuck dried leaves onto one of our windows with self-adhesive sheets just like last year. i dipped leaves into beeswax just like i have for so many years already. sometimes the kids joined me for a moment, sometimes they didn't. just a regular crafting routine around here, inspired by my favorite season. and the comfort of somehow knowing what to do, and knowing how things will turn out and how it will look. building traditions.

i tried one new thing with the junebug one morning: we made these cute little spaghetti hedgehogs. just the right craft project for 3-year-old hands and attention span. one by her, one by me. both sitting on our mantlepiece together with our other treasures. 

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simona said...

Everything looks so pretty! We don't really have winter here yet, so the post is still very timely :)

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