in the garden in mid august

my garden updates have been sparse this summer, even though this is the summer in which we have done most in the garden so far. today i am sharing just a few corners that make me happy.

two apples on our apple tree. no worries, we are going apple picking as every year... but i am debating if the neighbor's apple trees are enough or if we should get another apple tree or if it really is the lack of bees...?

i just planted this summer lilac, also called butterfly bush this year and i am delighted by the way it is blooming. it is wonderful to have some lilacs in the yard in late summer!

the raised beds are doing well with beans, beans, beans and squash (intentionally grown this year). the slugs/snails are still a pain, they ate some of the blooms but there is plenty of fruit still on there and more blooms so i am hopeful!

not pictured is our little greenhouse with sadly just a few tomatoes, but more beans and yummy cucumber. we eat at least a cucumber a day so i am thinking next year we might have to grow at least two plants!

also not pictured are our blackberry bushes. i'm saving that for another post. they look promising!

here is what i harvested yesterday: a lovely cucumber, more beans, just a handful of tomatoes and the very beginning of a hopefully bountiful blackberry season.

what is growing in your garden??


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I had two apples on my tree this year, but those pesky squirrels....argh!
Your harvest looks great Sylvia, enjoy.

Kim said...

All looks wonderful in your garden. Enjoy those blackberries :)

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