the jane austen quote mug


a couple of months ago i pinned a photo of a mug with Jane Austen quotes. i think i put it on my wishlist board, but i actually bought that mug a few days ago and am completely in love with it.  i bought my husband a corresponding mug with Mark Twain quotes. i purchased both directly from the Unemployed Philosophers. (not affiliated, just really love their products). so now we can both start our mornings in "literary style".

mugs are something i can never get enough of. i have several favourite ones, depending on the time of the day or the season, or my mood. do you have a mug (or mugs) that are special to you?

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love those mugs!
Yes, I do have a mug, two actually. The first is a large pottery mug I picked up in NC, it's my morning mug since it holds a lot. The second is a purple mug with a sheep and the words, Knit Happy, exactly what my tattoo says, :)

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