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using a softbound Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, i created a personalised cover for the travel journal i plan to use on our family's 9-week-long adventure. i once made a scrapbook on the road a few years back, and it will probably always be my favourite way of documenting travel experiences. i do not plan to print out selected photos this time though, as i am sure the sheer amount of them would drive me crazy. i plan on making a photobook like the ones i am making to document our family's years. tickets, a few postcards and flyers will find their way into my travel journal too, but apart from that i am trying to focus on writing as much as possible and making sketches to accompany my written words. i didn't want to carry a bag with embellishments with me this time either. it was a fun idea that i will return to one day, but i'm trying to keep things simple this time.

the stitching on the cover was inspired by the cover lori made for her travel journal to document her trip to the Shetland islands last year. i love the thought of a single bird representing adventure.
for me, it's the pelican. i had to get creative with the back, making openings for the elastic band that holds everything together, but it worked and now my travel journal is done and ready to be filled in just a few weeks!

have a lovely weekend!


Kim said...

I love it. A nine week adventure, how exciting!

moongirl said...

wow! what a great idea and I love the pelican. I used to live in the States (Florida) when I was a little girl and remember those big hungry birds. :)

I use my 1917 for a bullet journal and just love it so much. I may have to make a cover now. ;) Thanks!

Happy travels! So fun!


How awesome :) pretty idea..thanks dear for sharing !

simona said...

It looks really nice! Can't wait to find out with what the pages get filled :)

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