thriving in 2015

i've skipped a few years of choosing a word for the year, i'm not sure exactly why. but looking back, especially compared to the years before that, 2014 lacked a little in focus. i think i did and achieved less than i could have. i'm sure that has many reasons, but i felt that pull during the last days of the year to choose a word once again, to reflect and focus and to allow it to give me a little nudge from time to time.

to thrive - to live, continue, grow or develop well and vigorously

i really love how the word thrive indicates movement and growth. it isn't static, it's on the move, growing in a certain direction. i've thought of the word grow, but compared to thrive, it seemed one-dimensional. thrive encompasses the positive aspects of growing and indicates the sort of growth: onwards and upwards, well and vigorously. it also embraces so many areas of life, so much room for thriving there is. contributing to the emotional and physical wellbeing of one's family through thought out meals and lots of outdoor time. thriving as a writer, thriving in perfecting certain crafts that i love. thriving as a christian by keeping good spiritual habits. thriving as a mother as i grow and learn alongside my children. being present as my family members thrive as travellers and adventurers.

yes, this pretty much sums up my dreams and goals for 2015. may we thrive!

wishing all of you, too, much contentment, happiness, time for creativity and the ability to thrive!


this year, i will use if not all, but most fridays to concentrate on aspects of thriving. to document in a few short sentences what steps i am taking and what symbolizes thriving in different life areas for me along with quotes that speak to me.


Kim said...

Oooohhh, good word. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Love your word, it's a great one.
Happy new year!

karen said...

looking forward to your friday focus. I also like your word--thrive.

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