yarn along: keeping warm

hello everybody! happy yarn along day! the temperatures are telling me winter has come, even though we are still missing the snow (i bet cutting out some paper snowflakes and hanging them into the windows will make the magic work this year!)

my kal partner for the steamy has asked for a break, so i am leaving this project in my basket for a few weeks. i bought a gorgeous skein of rowan silky merino a couple of weeks ago and cast on for the mairéad hat. my yarn is a little thinner than the one the pattern calls for, but there is more yardage. and with my loose knitting and small head i think it should work. if not, i have two recipients always happy about a new mama-made hat.

i am still reading Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore. it's taking me a while, even though it's good. i am also starting to think about what to read during the coming weeks, with lots of free days approaching to lounge in pj's infront of the fire with a good book. i still have a few essays left in The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, which i read during the holidays last year. i think i will pick it up again!

now it's your turn! what are you knitting and reading? joining ginny of small things.

p.s.: we are now on instagram. we're artsyants, and we'd love for you to follow us!


Unknown said...

such pretty knits!!! I love the colors!

karen said...

I just bought that book! It's on my to read list you know the super long to read list! lovely knitting

Kim said...

Lovely knits, both colours are just beautiful.

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