hello monday! the weekend was full and fun, going out with friends and having some over, good food, a bit of knitting, movie watching, staying in pj's all day. it was good.

on friday we went to our local fair. it is huge, and the first time the little man actually enjoyed the visit (and his little sister, too. although she tends to like what he likes). there were lights and music, a cup of mulled wine and fireworks in the end. on saturday, we took a lantern walk with friends in the light of the full moon. it was perfect timing, because just an hour after we got back home, the stars and moon were hidden behind thick fog.

sunday was lazy, but i baked pumpkin bread and made sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon. today is a typical monday with work, gym class, appointments. i am really looking forward to the end of the year. days and days of doing nothing. well, you know, except for knitting, reading and the likes.

i'm joining karen today. have a good start to your week!

(p.s. we are on instagram, are you? we'd love to connect, we're artsyants.)


Unknown said...

Oh that fair looks lovely and really big! I had plans to go to our christmas market again this weekend but we weren't feeling good so .. maybe next weekend we'll go again. December always flies by so fast ! :(
Lovely knitting, I saw it on instagram!
Yay for lazy Sundays with delicious food!
Stay warm and happy knitting!

Kim said...

Sounds like you fit in a little bit of everything this weekend...those are always good weekends.

Your lantern walk sounds lovely. Enjoy your week.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Oh a fair, how fun. And taking a walk by the light of the moon is so enjoyable, the moon has been beautiful here too.

karen said...

I love sauteed brussel sprouts! I wish I was at your house :) A fair right before the holidays? what fun!!

flyingjen said...

You had me at bacon! We love brussel sprouts! I simply must make them with bacon!

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