gift ideas from the artsy ants shop: illustrations and art prints

during the coming weeks we'd like to feature some products from our etsy shop. apart from custom portraits and wire art bikes, of which the tandem version is especially popular, we have a selection of products that are suitable as gifts or home decor. we hope you feel inspired to browse our shop!


the above illustration is called "after the gathering". simona drew it inspired by the work and joy large gatherings with family and friends bring. i love the look on the face of that little girl. it seems like she's having fun helping out, perhaps because she knows what's for dessert! if you are interested in a print of the above illustration, please drop us an email at artsyants(at)gmail(dot)com for a quote!

apart from that, we have art prints and postcards for book lovers, coffee lovers, owl lovers and chicken lovers in our shop!

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