summer's last hurrah

except for 2 freezing weeks in august, i will remember the summer of 2014 as one of the best summer's within the last 10 years. we literally had sunshine and hot weather from may to september (which everybody who knows our standard summers will agree with me is exceptional!). although i've always loved the shift from summer to autumn, this year the last weeks of summer have been filled with a longing for the weather to turn chilly, for sweaters and cardigans to be worn, while i walked barefoot in the garden and tried to savor every warm day we had.

last week had the best of weather forecasts, so with a few friends we decided to have one last barbecue on friday, one last evening spent entirely outdoors. we invited as many people as conveniently fit around the three tables we placed on our terrace (that's 8, plus the 4 of us) and shared good food, wine, tales and laughter until way past midnight. it was a lovely mixture of old (very old), newer and completely new friends. after the sun went down, we brought sweaters for everybody to layer, as we all knew this will probably be the last night spent outdoors. it was the perfect farewell to a perfect summer. thanks for treating us so well, summer of 2014!

and this week, the beginning of fall. a hello to colorful leaves, windy days, crisp apples, collecting acorns and chestnuts and - most anticipated even by the youngest family members - sitting infront of the fireplace!

wishing all of you a happy transition to the season you're entering!


Kim said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. Happy fall!

karen said...

yay for fall! our summer was one of the coolest ones in a while. We did have some hot days but overall not many :)

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