on grey and yellow bedroom plans

you know, ever since we've had house moving plans, and even before that, i assume, i've had this board on pinterest: grey and yellow bedroom plans. grey and yellow is one of my most favorite color combinations (along with mustard and teal!!) there are quite a few ideas on the board, for yellow and grey details try and copy in my own bedroom, some probably even very simple to carry out.

but tell you what, these grey and yellow bedroom plans of mine didn't get any further then painting a wall grey. i have some supplies ready and ideas in my head, but for now th ere's just that grey wall. sometimes that makes me impatient. but then i remember we wanted to focus on the living room and children's rooms first.

and then, just the other day, after having put fresh, clean, crisp sheets on the bed, the sun showering the whole room with glorious sunshine, i just had to grab my camera and capture it. our grey and white bedroom, minimalistic but refreshingly cozy at the same time (and my birch branch with twinkly lights next to my bed that makes me happy every time i turn it on!). it's fine as it is, right now. the yellow will come soon enough!

1 comment:

simona said...

your room looks cozy already! i always love twinkly lights!

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