favorite little pieces :: lace collar dress

i have badly neglected this little series. i love documenting favourite pieces from my children's wardrobes. these photos were taken in early spring of this year, but i just now found them again on my harddrive. my junebug, so little, just awoken from a nap all red-cheeked. so, here we go:

bought by: our mum, early 1980ies
brand: c&a (still "made in england" at the time)
size: 86 (12-18 months)
features: a lovely girly "swing", lace collar, blue ribbon. i think any girl would look just like a doll in that dress!

more favorite little pieces:
the yellow longies
sky blue dress with cloud details
pölka trousers


Kim said...

Adorable. They don't make clothes like they used to, do they?

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Such a pretty little dress on a beautiful wee one.

simona said...

i don't really remember seeing this dress before. we'll have to get out some old photos with it in it when i come over.

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