yarn along: very little knitting and completed summer reads

hello there, happy yarn along day! it's been a while since i've joined, simply because i have not been knitting much. i didn't bring my knitting on our vacation to the mountains, which i regretted on some days but at least i got a great deal of reading done (i cannot read and knit simultaneously).
 i don't knit much in summer, but then the last couple of weeks have not been summery really (i don't want to go into details, because i don't want this hopefully creatively inspiring site turn into the weather-complaining-blog, but goodness i would find a lot of inspiration for a blog like that...) so having to wear sweaters and cardigans may have sparked my knitting desire and i continued knitting that vest for the little man that is taking me forever.
 we have been watching the world championship almost every night and i love knitting while watching football (soccer) so i have actually made some progress. in a short break from rain and overcast skies when the warm rays of the sun reminded me that it is actually summer i brought my knitting and reading outside for a photo. i'm looking forward to warmer days at the end of this week when this arrangement will actually be able to stay on the table all day for me to take a few minutes here and there for some summer knitting and reading. i just found a detective stories book by Edgar Allen Poe that i never noticed in our bookshelves before which i might start tonight.

so let me share my finished summer reading so far, all of which i read on my kindle:

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, ya fiction at it's best! i started this one on the long drive to austria (we left in the evening and arrived the next morning), so i practically read all night. it's tender, it's realistic and the characters are very likeable!

A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion, a book about women's lives, the directions they take, the choices they face, choices they cannot make and how they are all intertwined by family and friendship. very touching.

We Were Liars by e.lockhart, a perfect summer read, as it plays during different summers on an island off massachusetts. it's intruguing, a real page turner with a surprising ending. highly recommended!

Life Below Stairs by Alison Maloney, a non-fiction book for those Downton Abbey fans out there who want a little more insight on the lives of servants.

and now it's your turn, what are you knitting and reading? i look forward to reading your posts!


karen said...

my knitting is at a snail's pace because it's summer. Just too busy these days. Love your knitting and I have another thick book to read this week! The Interestings is taking its time to get good.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. I will have to check those out.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

We were Liars sounds like a great summer read, prefect for beach reading.

I am still knitting every day, but not as much as in the winter, there is just too much to do. I will be glad with things cool off and slow down.

Erin said...

We have Fangirl home from the library now! I have to finish Mary Coin first though... sad!

Monsterscircus said...

Oh it's so great to be back and see all your creative and wonderful creativities! I've strolled through your posts and you're always writing such joyful posts. Wonderful to see the fantastic drawing and the summer reads sounds exciting! A lovely weekend to both of you!

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