urban birdwatching adventures :: great spotted woodpecker

bird watching has become one of our family's most treasured hobbies! we love to watch out for our feathered friends while going on hikes in city forests or visiting local parks. on a recent visit to a natural reserve within our city we came across a great spotted woodpecker, which was quite the adventure!

i've been looking for ways to get my 4-year-old even more involved in birdwatching, to enhance his learning experiences and just dig a little deeper. at this point i'm almost done creating a simple sheet especially made for young children who like to start to document their bird watching adventures. i plan to share it here as a free printable, so stay tuned!


Kim said...

We are avid birders around here, so much fun. Little man is tarting to be able to identify them by their call...which amazes me every time :)

Have fun!

simona said...

That's a beautiful woodpecker, and big as well! The ones we have around here are much smaller, but they still make a lot of noise :)

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