simple spring crafts for kids we have tried

some cutting experiments to practice using the scissors. after that we used a darning needle to make a necklace. little sister needed one too!

small paper buntings/garlands replaced the snow flakes we had here for months. these trees were made with self-adhesive sheets (sorry about the quality of the photos, it was difficult to capture them, but i guess you can see how they were made?) we emptied a hole puncher and put the colorful paper bits onto one piece of self-adhesive sheet and then stuck another sheet on top. i cut out the trees from some scrapbook paper.  i saw similar projects on pinterest using flower petals. only ours were made at a time when nothing was blooming outside, which has thankfully changed!

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Angela said...

Nice idea for the straw necklaces- that would go over big in my house!

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