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here we go with the last part (for now) of corners of our home. i'm sharing a few details from my kitchen today. the best part of this kitchen is that it is open. the wall that you see here used to be closed. it is the corner by the fireplace, so there was a couch and an armchair etc. here. but i never liked how small the kitchen was, and that you needed to walk through the hall to get to the dining area. i love open kitchens, so we knocked part of the wall down to make a small doorway and a "window" (keeping the beams for stability).

 my hubby and i are quite proud of the whole construction, including the table we built ourselves (not being particularly technically skilled in these areas). it started as a small breakfast area, but we usually have breakfast at our dining table. i just love being able to prepare meals and have an overview of the living room, dining corner, the terrace and front garden. i also love the idea of pouring a glass of wine for dinner guests who have a seat here and chat with me while i finish chopping the salad.

is is the space you will most likely find me in when i work on my laptop, write lists, and have my first cup of coffee in the mornings. (i just noticed there are two empty picture frames. oops! the sights you get used to... i will have to find some more b&w photos to pop in there!)

the fabulous quote above the sink is actually not on a poster, but on a tea towel which i got in berlin last year from this shop.

thanks for stopping by. once any other corners of our home feel ready to share, i will. have a lovely day!


Kim said...

What a lovely space. Love your sink and that tea towel. Wonderful job opening that wall, it looks great!

karen said...

all of your living spaces that you shared are light and airy which I just love. Your kitchen is beautiful and functional. Looks like you two might be skilled in building tables and see through walls!!

simona said...

the tea towel is cute, and i love how the mugs below it are a perfect match!
lovely spaces you created here!

Danielle Quarmby said...

I love it :)

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