spring days and projects

we had a week of sweet spring bliss here in germany, of which we savoured every single minute. thus the rather quiet week here on artsy ants. i cannot believe i worked outside in the garden in a t-shirt while last year at this time the snow wouldn't stop coming down. we caught up with lots of outdoor work, and leaving the work indoors (almost) untouched gave our days a taste of summer, really!( i will share one outdoor project in a post next week, so stay tuned, it's fun!) then on friday came the return of our typical overcast weather, with temperatures naturally cooling down again. but i didn't mind a bit. with coffee by my side and knitting in my hand, i enjoyed sitting by the windows so much more: seeing all that we'd accomplished outside and looking forward to a hopefully buzzing season of outdoor work and play. after weeks i felt inspired to pick up my color affection shawl, and i'm more than determined to finish and wear it at last!

another project that we've been working on is "ants in your inbox", a (sort of) season-ly email to you from the artsy ants. to learn more and sign up, just follow this link!

any spring projects you started, completed or picked up again?


Kim said...

I am just a tad bit jealous of your nice, t-shirt wearing weather. I know it will be here soon too, but right now it is snowing...again, and there really isn't any sign of spring. Sigh.

Have the most wonderful weekend.

simona said...

no, i didn't really start any spring projects yet besides planting a few cat grass seeds for my furry baby ;)

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