corners of our home :: the junebug's room

happy monday, everybody! i hope you had a gentle start to the new week! as promised, we're back to share some more corners of our home. today, i'm sharing a few shots from the junebug's room. as mentioned last week, the kids' rooms are bound to see a lot of re-arranging and re-decorating in the coming years. this room has so much potential, but we've kept it very simple so far. i don't believe my little girl needs a room for herself anyway (she'll be 2 in june), but having the extra room we decided to make it hers, even though most of her time is spent whereever her big brother is to be found. 

this bed is a family piece. my father and his brother have slept in it as babies, so it is extra special. the blanket i made, it is one of the sibling blankets. in fact, you will discover many details that we used in her corner of the room in our old apartment. i added a bit more vintage artwork and some bits made by me, but most of it is by belle and boo, and there's a tiny print by my friend danielle

to the left side of this corner we still have the changing table my dad built. above it, i hung up some of the decorations that simona had made for the junebug's welcome party, keeping up with the white and yellow theme ;)

once the changing table goes, i have great plans for this corner to be a cozy and inspiring play space. i'm thinking bird houses on the walls and possibly a big, painted tree? so far, we still have this little cupboard, which used to be the lower part of my old kitchen cupboard. i had painted it in a pale green and bought some new knobs. also, some favourite handmades are showcased here. the orange bat was a present from danielle's daughter sienna, she bought it in florence. the abc print is by lovely sweet william.

we moved the little table and chairs from the big brothers room over here, as she loves to draw (on the walls, too, as you can see!) some instagram printouts and more belle and boo are on there too. 

we have a few built in cabinets to the left, but most of her toys are here, at a perfect level for her. she is already all into playing legos and playmobil, but it is lovely to watch her take care of her babies, feeding them, wrapping and re-wrapping them in blankets. for now, this space is all she needs. but i look forward a lot to work on it in the years to come!


Kim said...

What a lovely space for a little one :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

What a beautiful room! I really love the little table and art, so cute.

karen said...

she has such a lovely room, great lighting and I love the little places to create-especially the table and chairs and yes the drawing wall that shouldn't be :)

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