yarn along: beginnings and a happy home

happy yarn along day! so just as i had planned i cast on 2 vests for my littles, one for each. the plum coloured yarn was for the june bug and i cast on another emma tunic. and the brown vest will be for the little man, i downloaded the tiny trees vest, but i will have to upsize it a little, because the pattern only goes up to size 3 years. i will probably just make it longer than the pattern calls for. i know i am running short on yarn for that project. i might make the top piece of the vest in a colour that appears in the yarn i have right now, something dark and subtle.

i have been reading "happier at home" by gretchen rubin (known best for her book "the happiness project") for a couple of weeks now. i love the concept of this, that the book is not called "happy" at home, but "happier". because i believe we are all happy at home, but how can we make it an even happier place? i liked one of the ideas she had, about having "shrines" throughout your home for areas of your life that are important to you. i noticed i do the same. i got another non-fiction book that i can't wait to start, but i'm making myself finish this one first.

one of my goals for this year is to read more fiction books, so i'm off to browse your yarn along posts to check out what you recommend reading!

joining ginny's yarn along. what are you knitting and reading?

by the way, did you know the artsy ants have a facebook page? we'd love your likes!!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Great colors in your knitting this week Sylvia.
I read the Happiness Project when it first came out, it gave me enough encouragement to start my blog.

CathieJ said...

I like the idea to make the top part of the vest another color. A great way to salvage a shortage of yarn.

Kim said...

Love the colours! I have been eying that book for awhile, might have to check it out. I too have a goal of reading more fiction this year. It was going well, but at the moment I am stuck on what to read next.

Karen Sue said...

I'm on the waiting list for this book from the library. I've been partway through the happiness project and I saw this and thought maybe a double dose!
You're knitting looks great!
Miss the years of my kids being little and wish that I had rediscovered knitting then, when the sweaters were much smaller!!

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