(a few of) my favorite things :: february prompt-a-day

(and i'm trying to limit myself to things, as opposed to my favourite things to do)

:: crossed out to do lists
:: quality hand cream
:: road trip itineraries
:: baby feet and toes
:: my kindle
:: fresh flowers on my table
:: books, books and books
:: notebooks
:: my canon 400d (still)
:: a glass of red wine (preferably reserva)
:: a simmering pot of stew on the stove
:: bird houses
:: cumulus clouds
:: a smooth rolling pen in my hand
:: a blooming magnolia tree
:: a crackling fire
:: earl grey tea
:: and coffee, of course, with milk
:: swings
:: my bridgman pottery bee cup
:: wrist warmers
:: poached eggs with avocado
:: baby clothes
:: my bicycle
:: well worn jeans
:: with striped shirts
:: my bed

joining amanda today, inspired by today's write ALM prompt!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list of favourite things! : )

the habit of being said...

i love every single thing you posted!

Kim said...

What a fabulous list :)

Anonymous said...

My Yashica-D and Argus C3 Brick.

Danielle Quarmby said...

Wonderful list :)

simona said...

I also love all of these, especially cumulus clouds :)
Sweet photo to go along with this great list!

karen said...

your list could very well be mine. Love your favorites and you know I love my bed!!

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