my mustard hat and knitting plans

as i mentioned what feels like weeks ago, i finished my mustard hat. i don't know why and how it happened, but it turned out a tad too big. especially if i don't wair my hair in a ponytail. which i mostly do and what this hat is perfect for. but still, i don't like the way it tends to glide down my forehead until it almost covers my eyes. so i gave it to my sister-in-law. she has thick, curly hair which holds the hat much better. and i made her very happy with it! (that's me on the photo though wearing the hat. a day after this it actually snowed at last and all that grey and brown and green vanished under a dusting of white, yay!)

i still have some leftover mustard yarn and some of the blue yarn which i used for my hubby's wurm hat. i'm now thinking that a simple mustard and dark blue striped hat might be the next project for me, another welcome distraction from my color affection shawl. i don't have much stash yarn left (and that's the truth!) so i might have to go yarn shopping soon! i'm thinking vests for little people or leg warmers looking so cute on 19-month-old legs with leggings and dresses?

what are your knitting plans?


karen said...

Fantastic cheerful color! I'm thinking of a wool sweater for my husband but only thinking, I've got many projects on the needles that I want to finish :)

simona said...

Too bad the hat doesn't fit you well, but I can only imagine it looks fantastic on your sis-in-law!
I love little girls with leg warmers! These chubby legs are almost too cute to cover up though ;)

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