a weekend away

we started our year of everyday adventure on a right note, i think (even though i pointed out that in choosing my word for this year i did not want to focus on travels). still, the weekend in london with my little man was an adventure of the best kind! i cannot believe how much i missed this. the excitement in the air, the wonderful atmosphere on an airport, seeing the wonder in the eyes of my child as he watches cars driving on the left side of the road and sitting in double decker busses and cars "with the steering wheel on the right side!" - it was pure delight!

he was my little walking and talking reminder to take it all in, not to take for granted waking up in a different bed to a different view outside the window. to stop and notice and to talk and share. and i loved how he connected with longtime friends, despite of the age difference and the language barrier. even while being there i could not wait to return, and to experience it all again with the whole family. our parents took us to london several times while we were kids, and i have the best memories of these trips (i have always had an immense interest in english history, so that added to the excitement).

coming back though, i have to admit one of the best moments of the weekend was watching the two siblings running towards each other on the airport, flying into each others arms and giving each other a squeeze that just melted my mama heart.

i'm looking forward to all travels, big and small, with my special little people!

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simona said...

I wish I had been there to see that hug :)

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