illustration: generosity

"generosity" is the title of this illustration which was first published in kindred magazine, i think it was the spring issue. to my pleasant surprise it ended up being paired up with sylvia's submission. i was quite excited to see my drawing in print. while i'm used to seeing my work as graphic designer in print, having a hand drawn illustration published in a magazine is still quite different, maybe because it's more of "me".

before blogging and having an etsy shop i didn't know how to go about drawing illustrations or creating other artwork as part of my income since it is so hard to get the word out. plus, i get shy and embarrassed if people talk about my art, so i change the subject rather quickly if it comes up which minimizes the opportunities of word-of-mouth marketing. blogging definitely helped me test the waters, get some responses and thoughts on my work by not only friends but also strangers, and has motivated me to grow in this field. i still don't like to talk about my art in person, but at times i manage to write a few words and blog about what i created, while hiding behind the computer screen.

do you also hesitate to talk about your artwork or do you welcome the dialogue?


karen said...

you shouldn't be bashful about your artwork. It's good and you are talented! I think when we are scared to put ourselves out there we become quite humble and fear rejection.

However if you think it's good then it's a success.

I think everyone is hesitant at some point to put themselves out there, I know I am !!!

ang said...

I do hesitate-a lot-even online, but it is something I am changing. It's quite a conflict-wanting and not daring to share simultaneously. Thanks for providing this space!

simona said...

@ karen, @ ang
Thanks for your thoughts!
Even after I wrote a blog post I hesitate to hit the "publish" button :)

Anja said...

This is SO very cute!!! I love it! The girl is so cute an I love the different positions (?) of the birds!

simona said...

@ Anja:
Thank you, Anja, I'm glad you like it!

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