handknits in use

i think i never shared photos of my little girl wearing her finished plain vest? well, here they are:

she's always on the move, our little junebug... and while we're at it, here she is in the upsized puerpurium vest:

(with her crochet panda bear made by simona)

it is still quite generous in size, so i will be able to put it on her during fall and winter too, with something longsleeved layered under it. makes this knitting mama happy!


Sonja said...

sooo sweet!!!!

simona said...

she looks adorable in them!! i love the picture of her with the panda, i still have to send you the ones of where she first got it!

Kim said...

Swoon...I love seeing babies in hand knits :)

karen said...

love the orange!! and my oh my goodness those wee little baby curls-so sweet and delicate :)

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