favorite (free!) apps for (3yo) kids

today i wanted to share some apps i have on my mobile device that are a hit with my little man. he has very little screen time, mainly because up to now he never got used to it and didn't develop the habit. in the evenings, he sometimes watches some 5-6 minute episodes of Thomas that we have on dvd and he enjoys the movie Cars (although often after about 15 or 20 minutes, he asks for a "break"). he is engaged in so much creative play throughout the day, that when he asks me every few days if he may play on my phone, i usually don't decline. there a few apps that he enjoys, of which these 3 are my favorites (with the added bonus that they're all free!):

the first is "Kuckuck, da bin ich" a story by Anke Damann. i love this because there are book pages you turn and the story is read aloud. the pages are interactive with lots of things to discover and play along with the characters of the story. the good news for you all, there is an english translation: Finding Frankie Frog!

we are big fans of lego (duplo for now) and play with it every single day. so we are also quite in love with this little game, the Lego Duplo Zoo. it has a sweet little story to it and small challenges and puzzles that can be solved on the way.

lastly, the first app i actually downloaded for spencer was Zoola Lite. there are so many animal noises to discover and cute pictures to go with it. i'm sure the junebug will be into this one soon, too.

do you have any favorite apps for kids you like to use? if so, please share in the comments!

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simona said...

I like how little time he spends with technology, but when he does he has fun and knows his way around. And he knows when to stop without anybody prompting him.

There is an app I know that is cute and utilizes problem solving skills, I think it's called Where's My Water or something similar.

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