a sisterly yarn along


my knitting is still the orange plain vest for the junebug, which will probably see some blue as well because i'm running out of yarn... i'm in the finishing pages of the final part of the Hunger Games Trilogy. i have loved reading the books, they are fascinating, the storyline is always surprising and the character development is distinguished. i'm ready to move on to different reading though. we're currently on a family getaway to the countryside and the photo was taken in the garden of our holiday home. we're enjoying every minute here.


too bad you're running out of yarn, sylvia. but the color change might just turn out perfectly after all!

what i have to show today is two finished crochet mice, and i also made a little scarf for the panda bear i had made a few weeks ago.
as so often when i try to take pictures tybee comes and wants to find out what is going on, and places herself right between my camera and the subject.

joining ginny again this week. what are you knitting/crocheting and reading?


Kim said...

Knitting, holiday homes, cats checking out little knitted mice...this whole post made me smile :)

It all looks so lovely.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Sylvia, the blue will be perfect with the orange, Clemson colors! And knitting in that garden must be thrilling, it's lovely.

Simona, I think your little mice are so sweet and I guess Tybee does too. You really have a beautiful cat.

karen said...

blue will go great with the orange!

love the wee little animals, so squishy and cute :)

Lori ann said...

hee hee, cat and mouse! lovely knitting :)

sylvia said...

Oh, Tybee is so sweet!! And so is the little collection of animals you have there!!

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh those mice are really sweet.

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