a duo getaway for mama and baby

i was away from home for a couple of days, spending time in lovely berlin together with a friend and my little junebug. it was special just to be travelling with (and just having to concentrate on) one little person. my friend's uncle let us stay in his apartment, which has walls full of books and artwork, and a gorgeous terrace on the 6th floor with a stunning view over the rooftops of berlin. it was such a treat. a few days of wandering and talking, with lots of coffee stops and glasses of wine in the evening. bliss! naturally, i was happy happy to be reunited with my other two loves when i came back home. but a little time away from my everyday life was just what i needed to have a fresh view and new motivation for my job at home.

 have a lovely weekend, all!

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simona said...

I'm happy you got to go on this trip! Thanks for sharing some of the pictures you took!

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