family photo album solutions

(photo on cover taken by curiouser)

for years i have kept photo albums. the "real" ones. i would print out photos throughout the year, they would pile up, and at some point i would put them into an album and add a few words here and there. i did quite well from 2005 to 2009. all photos are in one album, and i love how it is a cross section of our lives together: moments, people, places.

i used to scrapbook a lot! but i never scrapbooked with a certain order in mind, the albums are more theme-based: myself, my family, friends. my children have a scrapbook each, nice big american crafts corduroy binders, and it's a nice mix of scrapbook pages, plain photo pages and epherema.

i still keep a photo album that is loosely organized according to a timeline. it's mainly for photos that we receive from other people.

but for 2012 i started something new, and i hope to carry on with that in the next years. i didn't print out any photos (except the ones for the kids' scrapbooks) but had a photobook printed. it contains special events and holidays, but many many everyday photos as well (as you can see above i also added instagrams). i really love the look of it, and it's lovely to flip through it and see the photos - in a real book!

it took me a while to choose from the thousands of photos we had taken last year which ones to include, so this year my plan is to have a folder ready on our desktop, and regularly go through the photos we uploaded to make a first selection. this way i'm hoping it will be less work by the end of the year.

how do you, if at all, organize your family photos??

(just a sidenote: i'm not affiliated to them, but i used photobox to create my book and i'm very pleased with their service and quality!)


Kim said...

It looks lovely. I do photo books too, just little ones. One for us and I do a few to give to grandparents, godparents, at Christmas. They love them.

plaueplume said...

Lovely idea!
We also used the "real" photobooks for our wedding and honeymoon pictures but they're so big and seldom looked through.
First of all though we have to get out the camera more often - maybe a late 2013 resolution ;)

Sasha said...

Very pretty! You should try Project Life - it's fun too! :)

karen said...

this is a great idea! I do make photo books for relatives and never even thought of myself-that would put it in a book nicely and easily display on a shelf.

simona said...

I think this is a great idea to make a "keepers" folder and add favorite pictures throughout the year. Your photo book looks lovely, can't wait to browse it in person!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a really good idea -- to have a folder and add to it throughout the year.

I was really good about printing photos for Aveline's first year of life (the grandparents all got a photo album of her first year for Christmas) but I haven't printed a photo since then.

I love the idea of doing a photo book...but not the idea of sorting through all those image files!

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