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summer temperatures came so quickly, when i started this hat it was still freezing at night (less than 2 weeks ago). now we've got our windows open at night while we wear t-shirts and hear the insects chirping away. somehow every year we skip spring and jump right into summer, or what else would you call 82 degrees F (almost 28 C)?

i made a blue hat for a little friend of mine a few months ago, and since she wears it all the time, she needs to get an additional color for variety. white seemed like a good color especially for this time of year. i am planning on crocheting and attaching a pink flower and green leaves, which inspired me to take a picture of the w.i.p. in the middle of our azalea blossoms.

so let's see what you've got this week, sylvia!


hey, i managed to squeeze in a touch of pink flowers in my photo as well ;) it is still very cold around these parts but there is a significant special scent in the air that tells me it IS spring and soon it will feel like it, too.

embarrassing: there is almost zero progress on my milo vest for the junebug :( i'm partly blaming that on the fact that it is impossible for me to read and knit at the same time, and really wanted to finish When God Was a Rabbit last week - which i did. i loved the book, loved the positive, optimistic tone it had plus that bit of whimsy and magic that the authour managed to weave in - a good read!

now i started another book that danielle left here for me (she has great taste, that girl!), Where'd You Go, Bernadette? I am about 70 pages far and immensely enjoying the book. it is funny and i managed to get into the story fairly quickly ... actually i am wanting to finish this post to get back to it!!

joining ginny again this week. what are you knitting/crocheting and reading?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Simona, don't you just love spring in the south? I am sitting here listening to the whipperwills call and wishing for cold weather.

I will be interested to know what you think of the book when you're done. I read it a little while ago so we can 'talk'.

Kim said...

A milo is being knitted up here as well.

Oh how I would love to even have just a touch of spring, heck I would take summer too, anything but winter and another winter storm warning.

karen said...

simona: the hat is gorgeous and look at you flaunting your blossoms ;)

sylvia: a good book is way more important than a vest, but you better hurry soon or junebug will be too big and you'll have to frog and start over!

ang said...

Simona: I am originally from the south and I remember those azaleas well. I even have one in my yard in CT. ...love a pink and green hat!

Sylvia: I get it; I have a hard time reading and knitting too. I am impressed that your Christmas Cactus is still blooming.
Ang (Peach Coglo)

Anonymous said...

Ah, such lovely blossoms! Hopefully the kind that don't make one sneeze? ;)

It's been too long since I got into a book (I'm ashamed to say). I must correct that!!

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