a sisterly yarn along: finished panda & spring vest


here is he finally, my first completed crochet panda! he's a little quirky and has few flaws and imperfections, but i'm still proud of him. he's even got a little tail, since every real panda has a tail. i decided to just use yarn for the eyes instead of buttons because the panda is for junebug, so this version is safer for her.


i am joining this post last minute, in fact simona had published it already when i decided to jump in. and what can i say? the panda is adooorable, simona! and i love that you thought of the tail, i remember how important that detail was for us with stuffed pandas when we were kids ;)

everybody has been under the weather here for the last couple of weeks. the junebug still has quite a bad cough and this morning the little man woke up with a fever :( it is 110 years ago that we last had a march this cold, i heard in the news. we are in desperate need of spring. so there is nothing new on my reading front, i had quite a reading break actually and am just now finishing When God Was a Rabbit. and the vest (the milo vest)  for my little girl is making progress. i'm trying to finish it quickly, since she seems to be in need of something warming her chest in this, her first and very long winter.

we are joining ginny again this week for yarn along. what are you knitting and reading?


Unknown said...

Oh ladies what beautiful knits!! I am loving the panda. I've tried crocheting little animals before but it never turned out good. This little guy is such a cutie!
Sylvia I hope everyone starts feeling better soon! Our spring is late in coming too but at least we are all healthy (shhh I didn't say that too loud!) The vest is beautiful & I can't wait to see pictures of the junebug in it!

karen said...

simona: that panda is adorable!!! I love the photos you took of him/her!

sylvia: I hope everyone feels better soon, love the yarn you are using for your project, it echoes spring!!

Dawn Suzette said...

Aww. The panda is so super cute. I am sure it will be well loved... tail and all!
Sylvia... I hope everyone gets well soon! I love the colors you picked for the vest. Very springtime!

Karin-Ida said...

Wonderful knits!
Wishing you'll get better, I know what you're going thru, I have been sick since the beginning of febuary, I need spring NOW!!
Have a blessed easter holiday!

Kim said...

Oh the panda is adorable, love him!

The yarn for the milo is gorgeous.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

What an adorable panda, he looks so sweet. I agree, I love the little details, they are important.

Sylvia, I hope spring comes to your world soon and your babies are feeling better. Remember to take care of yourself too so that you don't get down.

Anja said...

So cute!!!

plaueplume said...

So cute! And how great for her to have received such a personal stuffed animal from her aunt!

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