make and listen along

this week i am joining dawn of simple things notebook. so, what are we making and listening to?

we are in the process of making a hot air balloon. yesterday we pasted paper strips to an actual balloon, using a homemade paste (1 part flour, 5 parts water and some salt cooked for about 7 minutes, medium heat, stirring continuously). the balloon is now drying then we will continue with the painting and attaching a "basket" (which will also be paper maché, i think). we will share the finished balloon here soon!

i love listening to the simple mom podcast  when i get the chance, usually while the children are occupied, i use one earphone and listen to it while cooking or knitting.

while making stuff or when we're feeling like moving (dancing) a little, we just love to put on the holly throsby cd with children's music we got from danielle. "shadow and echo" is our most favourite song! we replay it again and again.

what are you making and listening to?


Dawn Suzette said...

Oh. That ballon looks like it is going to come out very neat.
I will have to check out Holly Throsby... we love to move and dance around here!
Thanks for playing along and sharing!

simona said...

That sounds like such a fun project! Can't wait to see how it looks once it's done!

amy said...

Oh, very neat project. I wonder if papier mache paste would work with rice flour? I don't see why it wouldn't...we may have to experiment this summer!

Kim said...

How fun!! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. I think Reece would love this!

Danielle Quarmby said...

Awesome making and listening :) What timing that you mention that Holly Throsby cd, I hadn't read this and just wrote a blog post about taking the kids to her show on the weekend.

All of us love 'Shadow and Echo' too (totally Cedar's fave), plus I also love 'See' and Sienna and I like 'Diamonds are so shiny'.

xx d

house full of jays said...

I love this! Papier mache is fun - although even my kids complain that it's too messy, haha.

I'll have to check out Holly Throsby! Thanks for sharing!

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