32 good things in my life right now

(i turned 32 last month. when i was 31 i constantly forgot how old i was, it's such an odd number. 32 sounds better. i like the idea of making this list every year. the older you get the more good things you get to list!)

1. kid art slowly showing up on my kitchen walls
2. spending every day with 2 of my favourite people
3. visitors on the balcony
4. my french press has a cozy
5. visitors on the balcony
6. sibling love evolving
7. cars, tractors, trucks and trains
8. making plans for a new home while still loving and appreciating our home right now
9. good friends near and far
10. sharing a blog, a business and lots and lots of creative ideas with my sister
11. spending at least half of the night wedged between my two babies
12. always something on the needles
13. writing something every day
14. witnessing so much love between grandparents and grandchildren
15. having conversations with my little man
16. looking forward to when the junebug will join our discussions
17. striped socks, the more the better
18. solo dates in a café nearby
19. my writing and photography in print
20. the growing strong ritual of wine and homemade pizza on friday evening
21. fresh flowers on the table every friday too
22. dreaming of endless possibilities of making tunics and dresses for my little girl
23. a big brother making his small sister laugh
24. having decided on a cover for my phone at last
25. days getting longer
26. a holiday on a farm with friends later this year
27. a parcel in the works for a dear friend oceans away
28. a little boy who loves his scissors
29. pinterest
30. skype
31. instagram
32. you!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Happy belated birthday! 32 is such a great age, but then 49 isn't too bad either. Have a most beautiful day today...and everyday.

Kim said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, all the best for the year ahead. I remember 32, it was a good year :)

simona said...

this is a nice list to keep writing every year, it'll be interesting to see how it evolves. love you :*

Dawn Suzette said...

A wonderfully positive list filled with contentment, love and anticipation. Happy 32!

karen said...

Happy birthday!! A lovely list and congrats on being in print :)

chrissy said...

How lovely! And the loveliest of days to you!!! XO

Unknown said...

Lovely list of things all rooted in the tangible realm! Happy Birthday! Tanti Auguri!

Danielle Quarmby said...

I love this, a grateful list :) It's much more positive than a "to do" or wishlist, and you deserve so much to cherish the moments now and achievements up to now! Much love xx d

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