::: Sketchy Sunday ::: birds

the weekly art challenge
by the artsy ants

every sunday the artsy ants will publish a theme which is to be sketched during the following week. you can take that theme literally, or you can let it spark your creativity, develop that topic, and see where it leads you. the following sunday, come back and link up your sketches for all to see.

the sketch theme for this week was:  BIRDS
you can link up your specific blog post, flickr upload, etc.
the link collection will be open all week long in case you're not yet ready to link up today.

now let's see what you have sketched this past week! here just a few guidelines:
  • encourage other participants by visiting their posts, letting them know how much you enjoy their sketches
  • keep your submissions family friendly
  • follow artsy ants and link back to us if you have a blog or website

see at the end of this post what the new theme of the week will be!

here are some of my "bird" sketches to go with last week's prompt. i hope you also had a chance to sketch this week!

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

My sketch book has been gathering dust as I have been trying to finish paperwork, but your posts really motivate me; I will have to get the dust rag out, sharpen my pencil and get busy!
Have a great Sunday.

karen said...

simona-you are such a talented person, I think those sketches of birds are going to fly right off the paper!!!

Debby said...

Ho weird I've just been planning to start drawing again. Hopefully I may be able to join in with your challenge. These are lovely.


simona said...

@ Anja: Thanks for joining, now already for the second time! I love your sketches!

@ Tracey: I'd be thrilled if I heard I was able to be part in motivating you and others to start sketching again! You have a wonderful Sunday as well!

@ Karen: Thanks ;)

@ Debby: What a neat coincidence! It would be great if you'd join us!

Unknown said...

Your birds are so lovely! I've been working on sketching the desert quail we have here but I am so out of practice. I will post mine tonight though.

simona said...

@ KC: Can't wait to see it!
I actually don't even really know how a dessert quail looks like, so you could sketch it looking any way you want and I'll be super impressed :)

Anja said...

Simona, I love your birds! Especially the little funny one ;)

Anja said...

Looking forward to KITCHEN theme

chrissy said...

These birds are beautiful! XO

Anonymous said...

So beautiful drawings dear Simona!!! Your drawing really makes me wanne grab my pencils! I have a project to show next week, that I made for my drawing tools :-) thank you for the birds, and have a delighted weekend!

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