a sisterly yarn along


when i saw the cute crochet animals other crafters created, it made me want to know how to crochet as well. while crochet blankets, shawls, sweaters sure look pretty, they don't excite me that much. not in the sense that i'm dying to get my hooks and yarns out and begin such a project. what gets me inspired is seeing cute crochet animals, and what also intrigues me are fancy stitches that are new to me.

this week i finally finished my last crochet obligation/request and now i couldn't wait to get started on my very first little crochet animal. unfortunately, i didn't plan this out properly. so when we left the house and i wanted to use the time in the car in between errands to crochet, i rushed to email myself a pattern, grab yarn and hooks, and off we went.

i only got to row 14, since at this point in the pattern notes say that this is how far i could get without having the eyes ready for the bear. and believe me, the eyes are important. i'm in the process of making a panda bear. what is more important than the eyes in a panda bear? they're the identifying mark. and so is the coloring: white and black. oh, black? i don't have black yarn either! ok, so i'm stuck. no eyes, no black yarn. if i had the black yarn i could've made eyes with it instead of the felt that is suggested for this pattern. oh well, worse things happen in life.

back at home i moved my bag from one side of the room to the other when i noticed i was dragging something behind me. it was white yarn that got stuck to the bag. i was in the process of unraveling half of what i had done so far. unbelievable. but then again: oh well, worse things can happen. i had not gotten all that far anyway. this is how far i got till today:

as you can see in the picture if you're familiar with it's cover, i received the winter issue of kindred in the mail this week. of course, the first article i read was sylvia's contribution, so lovely!

then i read one that was by jane flanagan, it was such a well written article that honestly, i hate to admit it, made me cry. the description of going home and the way she perceives and lives the moments she has longed for, the connect and disconnect that comes with it, there is no way i could've ever expressed it that way. i also subconsciously memorize so many details not only in my parent's house but also in the city that there is such a strange familiarity, while other things are suddenly perceived as different and unusual, such as people brushing up against each other although it has been a common thing in the past. and while jane did such a wonderful job writing about these observations and feelings, i cannot imagine anybody ever truly understanding these words unless they've personally lived them.


i just checked in here and read simona's part of the post. unfortunately my copy of kindred did not arrive yet, i do hope it is not the very first piece of mail that got lost after so many years of overseas letter writing and parcel sending.

i cannot wait to see your finished panda, simona!

that skein of yarn i showed you a couple of weeks ago? i've decided to start another milo vest. this time for the junebug. if the yarn doesn't last, i'll just continue in a contrasting colour. i have ordered some books i plan to read to and with the kids one day. this one is one of my childhood favourites (the children of noisy village). i love these short, realistic little stories, and i'm sure spencer will enjoy them together with me very soon!

(the cup you see on the photo is my absolute favourite, by melissa of bridgman pottery)

we're joining ginny again this week for yarn along. what are you knitting and reading? 


karen said...

love the mug sylvia!! I like the idea of making the milo and when/if the yarn runs out then using a contrasting color!

Simona-I have done that too, walking and unraveling a project at the same time. Thankfully the tension alerts me :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

There really is something about using a pretty mug that makes for a good day and yours is just lovely.

I think Milo Vests are one of my favorites for wee ones and that one will be great with two colors.

Simona, I am glad you are learning fancy stitches and having fun. I saw an afghan I would love to make, it's crochet so I might be sending up an sos :)

Unknown said...

Two very different projects so fun!

Sylvia- do you think they have that book in English or Italian?

Knitters Notebook said...

I also like to crochet and just started knitting a few little owls..I want to find a good crochet book on crocheted animals....I have seen so many cute projects on Raverly.

Kim said...

I love it when you do these posts :) Everything looks so great, can't wait to see the panda Simona and that mug syliva is beautiful!

Lori ann said...

a panda sounds so cute, it really is fun to make toys! such a pretty cup.

Lori ann said...

i forgot to say it is SO sweet to do this as sisters!

Lisa Uotinen said...

I really enjoyed your blog! thanks for visiting mine. I think I'll take up the "music" Sketchy Sunday challenge...I'll try to get something in before time runs out. :)

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