french press and mug cozies

about two weeks ago i had an unfinished french press cozy that i made for sylvia and her hubby. now it is finished, and there even is a matching mug cozy to go along with it. the glass or tumbler cozy matches as well, but it is not really part of the set since i made it for another family member.

although i've made many mug warmers or cozies now, i'm still trying to figure out the best pattern that will fit most mugs. after all, there are so many different mug shapes and sizes. my biggest mistake i think is making it too high. it looks good, but when you drink out of the mug you'll taste some fuzzies as well :)

currently i'm working on a scarf, two hats, and two more mug cozies (don't know why i never finish a project before i start the next). the scarf is in a lovely green and i'm making up a pattern. i suppose being a beginner i should stick to patterns for now, but i really enjoy creating my own pieces. using a pattern does teach me a lot of the basics and more technical skills though.

once i'm done with three more hats that i've already been commissioned to make, i will try out this pattern here, it looks too adorable. it certainly helps that it was professionally photographed, but really, the shells are such a cute pattern on a girl. and the story behind the pattern is sweet too.

i know everybody's been busy the past few weeks, but did you still get to knit or crochet anything?

if you feel like sketching or doodling a little, you could join our "sketchy sunday" challenge!
read more about it here.


Kim said...

I love your cozies...I think I want to knit some up for me :) I have been knitting over the holidays, had to keep my hands busy.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I never would have thought of a cozy for the French Press, great idea and one I am going to have to borrow.
I am working on a pair of socks, a scarf and a poncho. The ponchp is going to be 50 inches of long and I am only at 12 inches so there is a lot of knitting in my future.
Happy New Year.

karen said...

I always have something on the needles, a must for my sanity! Love the french press cozy and the colors!!

sylvia said...

oh what a gorgeous photo! i'm totally in love with the colours of the cozies!

Marianne said...

Must be a wonderful feeling to sit in front of the fireplace on a frosty evening, holding a mug of steaming tea (with rum?) covered with such a soft cozy. Great idea!

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