::: Sketchy Sunday ::: getting ready for the challenge

the year 2012 has almost ended, and the artsy ants are preparing for a new and exciting year. just as there will be changes and challenges in our personal lives, there will be some on our blog as well.

one of the challenges we are ready to tackle for 2013 is one of picking back up the bygone
"a sketch a day" project, and giving it a brand new twist:


the weekly art challenge
by the artsy ants

every sunday the artsy ants will publish a theme which is to be sketched during the following week. you can take that theme literally, or you can let it spark your creativity, develop that topic, and see where it leads you. the following sunday, come back and link up your sketches for all to see.

the first SKETCHY SUNDAY link collection will be opened on 
sunday, january 6th, 2013, at 9am EST.

theme #1 is:  

any scribble, sketch, or drawing will do, your skill level does not matter here! it's all about getting inspired and motivated to sketch. and remember, as with anything else that you do on a regular basis, practice will increase your skills. who knows how well we might all sketch by the end of next year?!

in 2011 i successful kept up with my sketch project for a few months (the sketches above were made in that period), but for 2013 i'm hoping to actually keep up with it all year long. to take the pressure off, i will try to sketch daily but will only call it a weekly challenge. so if on occasion i miss a day or two it's okay. and of course it will motivate tremendously if some of you play along with this challenge and try to keep up with it as well!

what do you think? are you up for this challenge? 
we're very excited to see next week what you'll have come up with!


sylvia said...

of course i will join in. i'm not a very skilled sketcher but i will try to come up with something :)

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Sounds like fun! I've been doing a bit of drawing lately, and it will be nice to have some inspiration to draw from xx

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