dressed in knits

yes, we love dressing ourselves and our loved ones in knits, but what about using a knitting or crochet project as wintery and cozy home decor? these knit up so quickly and make a great little gift as well. i actually made the green cozy for a friend and placed a tealight in it, but it could also be used as a vase or to hold a bunch of candles!

and simona, what did you make?

i also finished up some quick gifts. i have to say first though that i absolutely love your tea-light holder! especially the color...
as you can see i basically used the same yummy green in my projects as you did!

this first one is a mug cozy. i made a bit taller than i planned (made up my own pattern so there was actually not much of a plan to begin with), but this way it fits well on a tall mug.
it took less than half an hour to make so one could almost make it as a spontaneous gift on the way to somebody's house – given you have a driver to navigate you there safely!

then there is an unfinished project, it is also like a mug cozy, just extra large. actually, i was going to keep it as a surprise, but i won't be able to keep it a secret anyway. this is how it looks as of now:

it is a french press cozy for your new press, sylvia! i hope you can use it. although i'm not sure if it actually will help keep it warm, i do think the fat crochet buttons look cute on it. hope you like it!

yay, how cool! love the cozy for the french press! even if it doesn't keep the coffee that warm i'm sure it'll be the best dressed french press in town ;)


Kim said...

You guys are too cute :) Love the cozies.

chrissy said...

Oh, these are so sweet. I love these creative cozies:)

Missing Mayberry said...

These are so cute! And I can really appreciate the work that goes into them. I am just now learning to crochet and it's quite the effort. :-) Thanks for the ideas

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