what's cooking in my kitchen?

so, what have we been enjoying in our kitchen lately?

i made a leaf and stem pesto according to the recipe in An Everlasting Meal (yes, i know, i talk about that book a lot. ask my husband...) it turned out super garlicky, but i'm using it as a spread on bread under a fried egg or the like. i also add a spoon or two to any vegetable stirfry that i make, it's practical if you want to add a readymade garlicky taste to something...

in the background you can see some homemade apple sauce. i am allergic to certain apples (it's a cross reactivity, because i am allergic to birch pollen) which is quite a pain since i love apples. i noticed last year already that i do not react allergic to all kinds of apples (and i can have any apple that was cooked or baked). recently i read that most people are allergic to newer breeds of apples, because those are bred to be less sour but contain more of the allergy-causing protein. this is why i try to buy or pick very old, local and traditional breeds of apples (heirloom or heritage apples). this year it was the local "Finkenwerder Herbstprinz".
do you have any favourite apple varieties?

i also got a crockpot at last, but up to now i only cooked with it once :( i hope to cook with it at least once a week for 2 days, just slightly overwhelmed with the recipe choices out there.

any favourite slow cooker recipe websites or blogs to share?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love EverLasting Meal too, it is good.
I think crockpots are a wonderful invention and especially great for mom's with little ones.
Here is a site I think you might like,

She also has out a book.

karen said...

Thank you! I am discovering a cross allergy and did not know that about old apples versus new. I've been avoiding any food that grows on a tree. If you have any good websites about this please pm me the info :)

Amanda Carr said...

that leaf and stem pesto sounds so good!

Kim said...

Love my crock pot, use if mostly for veggie stews, chili and cooking beans.

And I must pick up an Everlasting Meal, I have heard so many great things about it.

simona said...

i've pinned a few crock pot recipes, but i'll have to try them out first before i can actually recommend them. somehow i have the feeling you'll be the one recommending recipes to me though :)

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