snowflake, hearts, acorns, and a wintery painting

here's a little update on what i've been up to when it comes to crafty stuff. besides crocheting, i've also done some more wire art and painting. for some reason it got quite warm again here, so i'm back to fall inspired art as you will see at the end of this post.

when it started getting cold a few weeks ago i was inspired to make some wintery themed crafts such as this snowflake ornament.
it's been featured in Etsy Stock Take – Best of November.

and i also made this "first frost" painting which i'd describe as a lighthearted, abstract winter landscape telling the story of the transition from fall/ autumn into the cold winter. it is a glance through the window, discovering the first frost which announces the arrival of a new season. the trees outside are shaking off their last remaining leaves, the first snow flurry is in the air.

the four connected wire hearts were a custom order, they represent a family which makes it extra special. i enjoyed making this a lot!

and then i finally got around to making earrings, something i had wanted to do for a while now. usually i make wire pendants and ornaments, but these are now earrings that i still need to photograph on a person. since the weather got back to giving us mild to warm fall days, they are fall inspired acorn dangle earrings.

have you had a chance to be artsy and crafty as well?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love the acorn earrings, they are super cute!
I have been painting a little and am working on a little drawing, but not as much as I would like, I miss it!

KreativeEmmaKate said...

I love the snow flake and the earrings! The earrings are actually the cutest things ever.

Kim said...

Love it all, but those earrings are beautiful!

karen said...

love the flake!! I've been madly knitting away for imaginary deadlines!

Courtney said...

Those acorn dangle earrings are adorable! So creative wow!

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