crochet project notes – fingerless mittens

it's the third pair of fingerless mittens i've made and i have learned a lot every single time. slowly i'm improving. this particular one is for my mom. i will still add either a border in another color or for the first time try out the faux cables that are part of the adeline fingerless mitts pattern. somehow i'm afraid to mess up the mittens in case i can't figure out how to do these cables correctly.

next,  i tried a new pair of mittens in burgundy, and to cover up something that seems like an error when starting a new row (but i can't figure out how to do it any differently because all the instructions tell me to do it that way) i scalloped the edges. then i thought it would be cute to weave a different color yarn through the holes to accentuate the scallops. although it is somewhat cute, i feel it makes the mistake too obvious that the holes and scallops are not evenly lined up around the mittens.  i'll have to see what i can do about it. perhaps i undo the scallops altogether and leave the mitts plain, possibly embellishing them with a little flower or so in order for them not to be too boring.
have you made fingerless mittens before? do you have any ideas on how to make them look more special?
edit (minutes after originally posting): 
i've just now found a video on how to not make the new dc rows look like a mistake, i found it on pinterest–see here.


karen said...

lovely mitts! I only knit so I have no suggestions. I think yours look special enough :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

You are doing great Simona.
I am knitting fingerless gloves for all the men on my Christmas list along with a few pairs for the ladies, they are kind of addicting!

sylvia said...

oh but the scallops look lovely!! i'm sure once you wore them you wouldn't notice the irregularities!

Kim said...

Beautiful fingerless gloves. I will be starting a pair for myself this weekend, first pair I am knitting. Can't wait!

I like the scallops :)

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