craft tutorial : glowing tea-light holder with paper snowflakes

a tutorial on how to make a cozy, winter-themed
with paper snowflake decoration

what you will need: 
•  paper snowflakes  (i used 3, all had different sizes between 3 and 5 inches)
•  parchment paper  (about 8.5 x 11.5 inch sheet)
•  carton  (2 about 1 x 11.5 inch strips)
•  paint  (optional, i used it to paint the carton)
•  glue 
•  scissors
•  2 clothes pins or paper clips 
•  tea light  (for safety reasons i have to recommend using an electric tealight)

how to make this decorative winter votive - step by step instructions:  
1)  in order to make this beautiful, wintery tea candle holder or votive creating a soft, warm atmosphere in your home, you've got to start by making some paper snowflakes. you can either make a few bigger ones, but many small ones will also look lovely.

for some ideas of which shapes to cut them in, i've added some examples below, and you can find some more here. in case you have never made paper snow-flakes before, follow this link for a step by step tutorial.

2)  next, have parchment paper ready in approx. the size 11.5 in long and 8.5 in high, and also have 2 strips of cardboard ready that are both also 11.5 in long but only 1 inch high.
i painted the cardboard in a frosty aqua-blue so the tealight holder will match other wintery home decoration.

3)  now put some glue on the strips of cardboard (preferably one at a time) and glue them on the top and bottom of the parchment paper piece.

4)  apply glue to the entire back of the snowflakes, being very careful not to rip the paper, and glue them onto the inside of the parchment paper (not the same side that the cardboard strips are on). having them on the inside will give the illuminated votive a more soft, frosted look.

5)  once all the glue has dried well, put some glue on one side of the parchment paper and cardboard, form a tube, and hold everything in place with clothes pins until the glue has dried.

6)  done! all you need now is light up your tea light inside the votive and enjoy the warm glow and the beautiful shapes of your paper snowflakes.

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Kim said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

sylvia said...

it's really beautiful!! thanks for this detailed tutorial!

Unknown said...

This is fantastic! I wish you had posted it yesterday so that I could have included it in today's "Link Me Up" post. I'm going to add this to my list of activities for my advent calendar.

Marianne said...

So beautiful and easily made. I'll try to make some with the two older kids of a befriended family. Thank you for the tutorial!

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