yarn along - first time joining!

it's been week 2 for me and my new hobby of crocheting. and i'm still loving it. the fantastic discovery i made which makes me even more excited: i can crochet while riding in the car! usually i get terribly car sick if i do anything involving looking down in a moving vehicle, but for some reason i don't when i crochet. my uneducated guess is that crocheting involves movement at all times, while for example reading requires the object to keep still which it cannot do while driving.

this is the brown scarf i'm working on right now. i'm not having a clear plan yet when i'm crocheting since i'm still in practice mode.
- the reason why i'm working on a scarf: i don't know how to do anything else yet. 
- the reason for it being brown: i had some leftover brown yarn. 
- the reason why it's not going to be very wide: that's all the yarn i've got.
so off to the store i'll have to go! if i get better at it i'll get all fancy and order some online. for now, i'm just practicing.

do you have any tips and tricks for me as a beginner? 
do you perhaps have any tips on where to buy yarn and what to look out for?
should i learn to knit rather than crochet?

usually it's sylvia doing the knitting here at artsy ants, but today i'm joining ginny for the first time with a yarn along post.  what are you knitting and reading?


plaueplume said...

Hey, I love the colour! You could have had worse leftovers :).

Good to know that crocheting in a car works for you, might be the same for me. And a nice activity which still allows conversations.
I'm thinking about trying it as well.

sylvia said...

oh simona it's simply gorgeous!!! i'm so proud of you! it's a great leftover yarn, i think it turned out just right!
as i don't crochet, i have no tips for you. as to knitting, i don't know, maybe someday. it will require a little more patience i think. and somehow an auntie that crochets sounds cool ;)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Congratulations Simona! Your scarf looks just lovely. I don't crochet, but have seen some wonderful patterns around. My advice is to join Ravelry, it a free sight where you can post your projects, keep notes and find endless patterns. Really though you must be careful, Ravelry is very addicting.;)

karen said...

It's a lovely scarf and how nice to dive into yarn that is already for the picking up :) Maybe you will be here weekly???

Unknown said...

Oh it's coming out beautifully! I get car sick too...I'll have to try crocheting. Although knitting makes me sick too so who knows. But I'm game to try!

Clair said...

Saw your comment at Ginny's and had to visit...my sister has always posted her knitting there before, and today is also my first time...posting a crochet project! Thought that was too funny.

The scarf looks lovely...cannot tell you're a beginner!

Angela said...

I am impressed that you crochet. I need/want to learn. Your scarf is beautiful!

Kim said...

Beautiful scarf and a beautiful colour. Wish I had some tips, but I don't crochet, just knit.

Anonymous said...

i learned to crochet at my great aunt's knee when i was a wee girl and made an awful lot of blankets and such for my barbies. today, i couldn't tell you much about crochet. i have yarn and hook at ready as i want to crochet an afghan but it feels so unnatural after these years of knitting.

i think it doesn't matter whether it's knitting or crochet as long as you have fun and find it relaxing!

KatEzat said...

You're doing a super job.

Hhmmmm, knitting or crochet...? Do both!
I have fits of getting bored with one and finding I'm very in love with the other and if you learn to knit continental (hold the yarn in your left hand while working) then it's quite similar to crochet.


Marianne said...

It turned out very nice, and the color fits autumn/fall perfectly.

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