a few things on monday

::: a bit much rain for my taste, but autumn so far has been quite lovely, these are two sights i spotted and had to capture during the last days :::

i thought i'd start off the week with some links i've been browsing. 

for those of you who enjoyed "An Everlasting Meal" by Tamar Adler (i'm still into it and love love love it) i thought you might enjoy seeing a few videos of her, like this one.

another crafty fall activity i'd like to try are these leaf sun catchers, i think this would be great for little crafters!

do you know the wholehearted parenting manifesto? there is a downloadable version of it here. 

my baby tends to have cold hands. i am thinking about knitting some fingerless mitts for her, a bit like these, but without the hole for the thumb. do you have any other suggestions for keeping little hands warm??

wishing you all a good start to your week!


karen said...

I would try the mitts, have you tried a hat? hats tend to make a body feel warm all over (or maybe it's me...) Lovely leaves!

Unknown said...

When I saw that first image on your instagram stream I was in heaven. The idea of cooking everything when you get it is really interesting. However not really practical for all applications I think. I've got a baby and three year old, I can barely get the veggies in the veggie bin!

Kim said...

Love that craft and think my little man will too. Have a great Monday!

simona said...

the fingerless mitts without a thumb hole would be a little like "oma unten's" pulse warmers. it might work! at least it won't take too very long to make them since little junebug's wrists are yet so tiny.

beautiful photos! we've also got our first few gorgeous trees in the area, just didn't take my camera along to take photos so far.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Thank you Sylvia for all the links.
I read Everlasting Meal on my Kindle and loved it so much I had to buy it in book form so am very happy to follow the link.

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