fall craft tutorial: make a chestnut worm!

while looking for chestnut-related crafts i had found this cute idea. i really thought we would go for chestnut bugs, but then i remembered how fascinated the little man had been upon watching a rainworm in the park last sunday. in addition, the junebug had gotten a wooden toy in the shape of a worm that he was interested in as well. most of all, i really wanted to use up as many chestnuts as possible. so, instead of making chestnut necklaces (maybe next time!), we made a worm.

this is what you need:
•  as many chestnuts as you like to make a worm of the desired length, plus one bigger one for the head
•  a pair of craft eyes to glue on
•  glue
•  something to "drill" through the chestnuts, i used a large nail
•  string or yarn, and a blunt needle

the little man enjoyed pulling the yarn through the chestnuts with a needle, mama's job was the drilling.

i'm  thinking of taking it a step further next time and make a chestnut octopus :)  but for now here he is, our chestnut-worm!

would you like some more fall/autumn project ideas for kids?
here are additional nature crafts:

•  making leaf art in fall - creative fun for all ages
•  waxing leaves - make the fall colors last in your home

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simona said...

what a fun project, i love it! That is such a cool self-made toy to play with, and how neat that he got to help make it!

Kim said...

Love this!

Iris said...

How cute! My son collected a whole bag of chestnuts today and now I know what we will do with them tomorrow :)

Unknown said...

they're really cute!
thanks for sharing your tutorial! i set a link and hope you agree.

best wishes, doro von Hand zu Hand

grandmadank said...

how did you hold the buckeyes to drill them?

grandmadank said...

how did you hold the buckeyes to drill them?

sylvia said...

@Linda Keller: I held the chestnuts in my hand. I used a little punch to make a small hole and then pushed the nail into the chestnut. They are quite soft, so it is safe for adult hands. After I "drilled" the hole, my little one threaded in the yarn with a blunt needle!

piesandgents said...

I adore this cute worm craft! I have a couple of conker collectors in my house and we are always looking for our next project so this worm is next. I added your link to my recent blog post featuring our favourite Autumn Crafts... http://piesandgents.blogspot.ie/2015/10/autumn-leaf-projects-kid-crafts.html
Thank you for the inspiration!

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