homemade toys: colour matching game

homemade is always good, isn't it?  and who doesn't love a handmade toy? i've been interested in finding games and activities that keep my almost 3-year-old busy for a while, most preferably ones that i can make myself. via this post with many awesome ideas i found this handmade activity game. while i like the idea of matching several different shades of colour, i think i will take the game this step further only in a few months. i went for 2 shades of each colour, a lighter one and a darker one. this way i can play the game with spencer and actually name all the colours involved (i.e. light green, violet, pink, dark red etc.).

it's so simple and quick to make. all you need it is:

- paint sample cards (two of each)
- wooden clothespins
- scissors
- glue

the rest is pretty self-explanatory, i think! now i want to gather ideas for other (e.g. matching) games involving clothespins, as the little man has just figured out how to use them. have you got any ideas?  

and which are your favourite online resources for learning games and activities?

(other homemade toys we have featured so far are the wood domino game and the homemade memory game.)

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Unknown said...

This is really cool. And great work for small motor skills. Thanks for sharing!

simona said...

this not only looks like a fun game, it's pretty too with all these colors!
i guess it works for a bit older kids too if you make it harder by using more in-between shades and nuances to provide an extra challenge.

amy (mamascout) said...

i love these! so pretty, i would want to play with them!

├ľa said...

Very educative and yet lots of fun.
What about cutting enlargements of your own photos into puzzles? I think, your little man would like that, too.

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