from the archives: scrapbooking in the kitchen

i browsed my old blog to look for some posts that might be of interest to you. this is a little craft project that is quite versatile, you could make cards, little hangers and other decoration with this technique as well.


first published 4th october 2010:

here is part of my article that was published in the autumn issue of Scrap Art Zine about using stuff found in the kitchen. this particular one was my favourite technique. quite simple: use beans and seeds and whatever else you have on hand to make "flower" embellishments.

i covered a piece of cardboard with gel medium and stuck the beans and lentils onto it. after they had dried a little i covered everything with another coat of gel medium, just to make it shine and to hold everything together a little better. so here is the layout i made, i really love it, unfortunately the photo of it in the mag is very small, but here you go have a proper look at it. this is danielle's gorgoeous daughter sienna, and the photo is by danielle.

on the second layout i used fruit tea bags to make my own background paper. it turned out quite blue so i used half a strawberry to add some more red... funny story on this layout about a cold cold january morning in the karoviertel with danielle and the photobooth!


Danielle Quarmby said...

LOL I remember that cold morning, I was so excited to find a photo booth. And, yep, one of the pics is missing from our strip. I actually have the whole strip of four scanned but I always like rows of three... not to mention, I looked hilariously stupid in the fourth pic ;)

Happy thoughts

simona said...

i always like home made embellishments. these layouts are pretty, a great way to remember good times.

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