baby boy shower decoration ideas

the last two days i've been editing photos i took at a baby boy shower last weekend, so i thought i'd share some impressions of the shower with you. since to me that's the fun part, i got somewhat involved with coming up with decoration ideas and helped my friends who were actually throwing the party to find and create the party favors.

the first idea, the paper tissue pom-poms, were something i had previously seen at a craft store and then looked for it on pinterest so i could pin it to one of my boards and thereby remember this idea.

as party favors my friend came up with the idea of baking cookies, putting them in embellished cd sleeves (blue feet and hands stamps), and attaching a beaded wire "j" (for jonathan, the baby's name) with ribbons in the party colors which were dark and light blue, teal, green, white.

the idea of making the j's out of wire and beads came from her having seem some of my wire art. it was quite a task to make 120 of these favors, but we made it just in time!

these teal glass bottles were a beautiful edition to the buffet. the selection of fresh fruit and other food was absolutely delicious. by the way, the blue and white pom-poms were hanging above the buffet, it looked wonderful!

looking for more baby shower or party decor ideas?

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Anonymous said...

It looks so great, and I love the idea with the cookies in the cd sleeve! And very nice woth the blue tings that we're placer here and there! Have a happy Day!

Claire said...

Looks like a wonderful get together to celebrate a happy event.
Love the cookies in the stamped CD sleeves, clever idea
The wire 'J's' are very cute too, bet you were glad when you had finished making them all!!

All that lovely fruit has me hankering for warm Summery days.

CLaire :}

sylvia said...

cookies in stamped cd sleeves?? genius! looks like you had a fantastic party. it's great you could celebrate the pregnancy and upcoming birth of your friend, wish i could have been there! hugs to everybody!

karen said...

I have to agree! Cookies in cd sleeves is brilliant :) Love the beads and of course the food spread :)

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

Very clever -- the CD cases with cookies and favors!

Marianne said...

Yes, indeed, the cookies in cd-sleeves are such a great idea. Yet, the 120 "Js" must have worn you out, so sorry for you. Hope, your self-sacrificing spirit has been appreciated.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

120 "J's" - wow! You are a super friend and it all looked wonderful! x

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