how to make iced coffee even better (is that possible?)

temptingly refreshing... the perfect description of an iced coffee, isn't it?

the only down side to any iced coffee is that if you wait too long the ice cubes will melt and water down the coffee so that the last few sips don't taste all that great anymore.

how to eliminate this problem:  make the ice cubes out of coffee!

this is how i made my iced coffee: 
(without even having an espresso machine to derive a stronger flavor from)

•  pour coffee into silicone ice cube trays ahead of time (mine are from ikea –cheap!)

•  make your coffee a tad bit stronger than usual (since i feel like it needs to be a bit stronger when cold, but i suppose that's my personal taste)

•  sweeten the coffee now – or make sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in warm water to be able to sweeten the iced coffee later

•  let the coffee cool down and then put it in the fridge

•  put the ice cubes in your glass, pour coffee, add milk, perhaps sugar syrup or sweetener

•  enjoy – preferably sipping it out of a straw by the pool with your feet kicked up and your stylish sun shades on :)

the inspiration for this idea came from what i found on pinterest, just with the difference of using cold coffee instead of almond milk as suggested in the pin. (the source of the original photo in the pin: here.)

now one big question remains:
was it worth it? does it really taste that good with the special coffee cubes?
before i even got to try any myself, i had a little unwanted helper take a sip!
see for yourself...

and if your summer feels more like fall or winter:  you can still sip your iced coffee through a straw wearing a summer dress and sun shades. don't let anything ruin your summer feeling!

on friday i'll be linking this up with: pin it! make it!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Will be putting this tip to use today Simona. The heat wave that has gripped the US is making it's way here and I will be seeing the 100 degree temps starting tomorrow so this is perfect timing since I really don't have time to get a pool put in my yard. Stay cool!

karen said...

Yum! Hope you are enjoying the weather this summer :)

sylvia said...

okay, so now I'm jealous. that sparkling pool in the background? aaaahhh, i wanna be there! although it's warming up here again today, let's hope for a weekend full of iced coffee for us too!
awesome awesome photography!!!

Unknown said...

This looks delicious!!

Hope you can check out my new fashion post.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Hmm, yum! Definitely putting that on my 'must try' list for summer xx

Sara {home is where the cookies are} said...

Love it! Just had the same thought the other day too! Love that pic with that scary looking wasp wanting to sip your sweet drink. It's pure irony, right?!

Sharon @ Discovering Blog said...

This looks worth trying! The colors in your photos are just wonderful. The blue in the background with the soft beige of the drink - so tempting!
I love the idea of the coffee ice cubes, it makes total sense!

Unknown said...

GREAT idea! making some today

Marianne said...

Thank you for the n"ice" tip!
I'll try it out immediately, although that could mean inviting some imsects, ha ha!

At The Picket Fence said...

LOVE this idea!! I drink iced coffee in the afternoons during summer and that has always been a problem. Thanks so much for the awesome tip!

Daisy said...

Oh what a great idea, I looooooove iced coffee! Off to make some ice cubes now :)

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

Mmm...iced coffee...but I especially wanted to say...these are particularly gorgeous photos!!!! WOW.

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