a guest on the anthill: danielle quarmby of curiouser

as one of the artsy ants is currently getting to know her baby girl and adjusting to life as a mother of two, we've invited some fellow bloggers and crafty friends to share guest posts with us all. today, please welcome danielle quarmby of curiouser.


When my daughter, my first child, was about 10 months old I wrote this poem. Sienna is 8 and a half now. With Sylvia having her little girl now, I wanted to share this sweet little dream made of words and imaginings:

a few flowers for my baby

i will see the light of her smile
feeling the grass between toes
the tickle of petals on
soft soft skin
i will see her eyes close in
the warmth of sunshine
and glorious scent of morning

i will see her dimples
flicker in the breeze
running away from me
amid dandelions and daisies
i will see the ripple of laughter
discovering secrets and songs in
the everchanging sky

i will see golden colours
dancing over meadows
to and fro
in clusters and curls
i will see her become
she will blossom and grow
leaving behind
a few flowers for me


danielle quarmby is an award-winning photographer, artist and mother of 3 from melbourne, australia. on her blog, she writes about photography, travel, art, paint, mess, food, children, motherhood, design, autism, scrapbooking, gardens and memories...


Tiny tots said...

eep up the good work, I am very impressed.....:)

simona said...

a beautiful poem. thanks for sharing it with us! maybe i will be able to get a glimpse of these moments with my sweet little niece one day :)

Marianne said...

Please tell Danielle that I deeply admire all her artistic talents.
Thank you for sharong her heartwarming poem with your readers!

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