what to wear after...

(i know some of you are waiting for the nesting-reveal. believe it or not, even though we own 2 hammers, we found none of them at the weekend when i wanted to hang up the pictures and finish everything up. so yesterday, i borrowed one from my dad. baby corner and new crafty corner for the little man to be shared soon ;))

although i loved wearing my maternity items, as this pregnancy comes to a close, i can't help but stare longingly at the summer stuff i have in my wardrobe and can't wear... yet. as probably every mama in this situation, i'm really looking forward to something fresh (even if it's just last year's summer clothes). for example, there's this sweet cardigan and the yellow t-shirt i bought while over in georgia with simona:

for postpartum belly comfort, i love skirts with a jersey waistband. here are some of my favourite etsy finds:

found here. this little house with the surrounding trees is so cute. i also love the story to it to be found in the product description.

found here. i really like the purple/lime colour combination a lot.

and then the other day i was out with a friend of mine and we went into this shop with the most adorable scandinavian style pieces: dresses, blouses, skirts, t-shirts, i loved all of them. but i couldn't take my eyes of this particular dress (you can't see it well on the photo, but there are tiny red flowers printed all over):

(photo from here)

dresses usually aren't great for nursing, but this one has a few buttons in the front, which might be helpful? and a few days later, my friend gave me a gift certificate for said shop.
oh my, i really think i need to get that dress soon!

i'm always on the lookout for unique/handmade clothes and brands. please share in the comments if you have any recommendations!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Such cute clothes Sylvia, I especially like the green skirt.

Tonya said...

The cardigan is adorable! I'll have to check out the etsy links - I love one-of-a-kind finds!

karen said...

I could wear a cardigan every day of the week :) It won't be long before all of your clothes fit again!

simona said...

that green dress is really super cute, especially the collar!! it would look so nice on you... ;)

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