no alarm for a week - the beach getaway

i had no alarm set for almost a week. really. are you a little jealous? don't be. it doesn't happen for me very often either :)

here's my recap of last week that i spent with family and friends at the beach:

after doing a lot of 
sitting and gazing onto the ocean
sipping on drinks
doing some reading 
and getting a tan in the meantime...

we discovered one morning that a bird had visited the sandcastle my hubby and his brother had built, leaving distinct little marks as evidence.

from the looks of the sandcastle it was no wonder our little bird friend wanted to take a private tour. 
he probably didn't discover the tunnel that went underneath the structure.

one of my favorite beach activities is finding shells, 
and some of my best finds where brought home as souvenirs.

i should've added something for scale on the bottom picture. maybe you can tell somewhat from the pebbles in the upper left corner as comparison that they're quite big.

and as a less romantic and less "oh-i'm-so-in-the-beach-mode" side note: i have to admit i didn't really unpack yet. i hate unpacking after a trip. it's such a drag, isn't it? 

are you planning on a beach getaway any time this year? 
or any other type of vacation?
what are your favorite pastimes you look forward to when you do get away?

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Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

It looks like such a gorgeous beach, and what a lovely way to spend the day xx

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Great sand castle!
I plan on going to the beach a lot more this season. I am surrounded by water and often don't take advantage of what is right out my front door...that is going to change!
PS- we do find sand dollars on the beach which is always fun. If you ever decided you want one just let me know and it will be on it's way! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!! I have to say the very first thing I do when I get home is unpack and laundry. Now packing on the other hand.....

karen said...

Your sand castle is picture perfect! Are you sure you did not have help? There is nothing in this world like sitting on the beach :)

sylvia said...

aw, i'm so glad you had a good time. and that sand castle looks amazing!! there probably won't be any vacation for us anymore this year :(( but i am hoping for a beach day here and there throughout summer!

Melissa said...

Oh, but I am jealous! I don't get my week until July...sigh...awesome sand castle, by the way!

Lady Cordelia said...

pretty, pretty, pretty.
that looks so good. all of it.

GroovyMoments said...

Amazing pics. Oh how I'm craving proper daily sun, with bare feet on sand, grass, rocks, whatever! (I'm not picky) :).

Pigeon's Mom said...

oh, the BEACH. yes, must go every year... we meet every summer with family for a long beachy week in Southern Maine. This year will be Pigeon's first trip to the ocean! Can;t wait to blog about THAT ;o) Beautiful pics...

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

It always takes me far too long to unpack after a trip as well! Looks like a very relaxing getaway. I love the little bird tracks!!

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